Ongoing researches

  • Pathophysiological mechanisms that regulate the ocular response: in vitro and in vivo studies.
  • Imaging and bio-molecular profiles of the ocular surface: from biopsy to impression cytology.
  • Development of devices and/or analysis of predictive biomarkers of biopsy samples from healthy subjects and suffering from ocular surface diseases.

Additional projects and Networks

  • MaBios Project “Matrici di biosensori a trasduzione elettrica su pellicole polimeriche per kit diagnostici e monitoraggio terapeutico di malattie oftalmiche (FILAS-RU-2014-1112).”
    Brochure MaBIOS 2017
    Invito Workshop MaBIOS 2017
    Invito Workshop MaBIOS 2017
  • “Design and development of a device for sampling and analysis of biomarkers in biological fluids”. A PhD training project in collaboration between Bietti Foundation and University Campus Bio-Medico.