Dr. Lorito was born in Rome on 31 March 1961 and graduated in Business and Economics from the University of Rome in April 1986, with full marks. He is a chartered accountant and auditor, based in Rome. Over the course of his work as an accounting, auditing, and fiscal consultant to the private and public sector, he has acquired significant experience in the banking and financial sectors. Indeed, he has served and continues to serve in an executive role in stock brokerage firms and credit institutions in ordinary administration, extraordinary administration, and under receivership. He has been active since 1990 in the non-profit sector, working with various foundations and associations since their inception, particularly in the scientific research sector. He has served and continues to serve as court-appointed administrator and judicial liquidator for private companies and as an expert in the estimate of share capital. He has served and continues to serve as a technical consultant to the Criminal Court with particular reference to the investigation of crimes committed by representatives of banks and finance corporations.