The statutory goals of the G.B. Bietti Foundation for Study and Research in Ophthalmology regard the carrying out of scientific research activities of particular social interest in the field of ophthalmology, and particularly the promotion of research, study, documentation, and experimentation in the medical field, with particular regard to prevention, early diagnosis, and rehabilitation in ophthalmology.

Professional training and the study of the organization of medical institutions are also the object of the Foundation’s research activities.

The patrimony of the G.B. Bietti Foundation, which makes it possible for it to carry out the research, care, and training activities that are part of its mandate, comprises the contributions of its Founding Members along with donations by institutions and private individuals.

The G.B. Bietti Foundation for Study and Research in Ophthalmology may, among other things, promote studies and initiatives in the field of ophthalmology concerning the following:
a) epidemiological studies aimed at identifying the causes of diseases and at primary, secondary, and tertiary prevention;
b) studies on the feasibility, reliability, and efficacy of the various phases of prevention;
c) physiopathological and clinical studies aiming to improve knowledge on disease mechanisms, to develop early diagnosis methods, and treatment control;
d) studies aiming to convert scientific knowledge into biomedical technology;
e) theoretical and empirical studies on the organization and administration of medical and health-care activities both within and outside hospitals, including infrastructure planning;
f) theoretical and empirical studies and research on the economy of health care activities, with particular attention towards economic and social efficiency criteria;
g) study and development of methodologies that allow health care workers at every level to acquire the training required by the development of the activities described above.