The structure of the G. B. Bietti Foundation, in accordance with the Statute, is divided into the following bodies:


The Assembly appoints the president and the two vice presidents of the Foundation, the members of the Governing Board and the Board of Auditors; it approves the budget and the final balance sheet, as well as the annual report; it is competent to modify the Statute and to admit the subsequent participants and it discusses any subject proposed by the president or by at least half of the members of the assembly itself. It is also up to the Assembly:

(a) to approve, after having heard the opinion of the president and the Board of Directors, the multi-annual programs of activities, identifying the sectors, among those provided for by the Statute, to which particular resources should be allocated;

(b) to define the guidelines of asset management and investment policy, including human resources;

(c) to establish instrumental companies;

(d) to approve, also on the proposal of the president and the Board of Directors, the transformation and merger operations of the Foundation.


The President has the legal representation of the Foundation, with all powers of ordinary administration; in case of emergency, he takes the necessary measures in the interest of the Foundation, submitting them without delay to the Board of Directors.

It may delegate all or part of its tasks to two vice presidents, if appointed.

He shall convene and preside over the assembly; he shall convene and preside over the Board of Directors, whose deliberations he shall carry out; if necessary, he shall delegate powers for individual acts or categories of acts. It is also up to the President:

(a) to inform the Board of Directors about the current state of scientific, care and training activities as well as any other events of interest;

(b) to give its opinion on multiannual work programs;

(c) to care for the Foundation's relations with the outside world, both in terms of relations with institutions and in relation to collaborations to be established with the business and nonprofit world;

(d) to present annual scientific, care and training development programs;

(e) to ensure, in accordance with the directives and guidelines provided by the Board of Directors, the normal management of the Foundation;

(f) to carry out impulse and coordination activities of the Board of Directors and to supervise the execution of the relative resolutions and the general progress of the Foundation;

(g) to adopt, in case of emergency, all the measures necessary for the functioning of the Foundation, subjecting them to subsequent ratification by the Board of Directors during the first useful session and, in any case, no later than 60 days after the adoption of the act;

(h) to appoint, if necessary and within the scope of its powers, attorneys and representatives for the execution of single acts and/or categories of acts, reporting to the Board of Directors during the first useful session.

Prof. Mario Stirpe

Honorary President

The honorary president of the G. B. Bietti Foundation is Prof. Emanuele Emmanuele.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the ordinary and extraordinary administration of the Foundation, taking all necessary and useful steps to achieve its institutional aims and its most efficient development.

In particular, it shall take all resolutions relating to the assets and economic management of the Foundation; it shall draw up the budget and the final balance sheet, as well as the annual report on operations; it shall resolve internal regulations and may set up advisory committees.

The Board of Directors carries out duties of direction and control and:

(a) gives its opinion on multiannual work programs;

(b) approves annual scientific, care and training development programs;

(c) shall formulate the strategic objectives to be pursued by the Foundation in the medium and long term;

(d) shall appoint the Director;

(e) appoints the Scientific Director, the Administrative Director and the Medical Director of the Foundation and assesses their performance annually;

(f) monitors periodically the correspondence of the Foundation's activities with its strategic objectives;

(g) examines and evaluates the budget and its final balance sheet as well as the related reports, proposed by the Director;

(h) authorizes the President or his delegate to bring legal proceedings and/or to appeal;

(i) approves or ratifies the agreements, conventions and deeds, whatever they may be called, signed by the President in the context of his external relations with institutions, companies and the non-profit sector;

(j) deliberates the acquisition of inheritance, donations and other donations.

It can be composed of 3 to 7 members, and the President and the two Vice President of the Foundation are members of it by right. It lasts six financial years and its members can be re-elected.

Prof. Mario Stirpe (President)
Prof. Mario Crispo (vice President)
Prof. Adolfo Di Majo (Advisor)
Notary Ignazio De Franchis (Advisor)
Notary Jacopo Ricciotti (Advisor)
Dr. Marco Patriciello (Advisor)


The Director, if appointed, directs and coordinates the Foundation's offices and is the head of the Foundation's staff; he collaborates with the President in the implementation of the resolutions of the Board of Directors; he prepares the budget and final balance sheets and acts as secretary of the Board of Directors. It is also the Director's responsibility:

(a) to inform the Board of Directors, also through periodic reports, about the progress of the Foundation's management and, in the event of the President's delegation, about the state of achievement of the assigned strategic objectives;

(b) to assume the position of employer and data controller.

Dr. Nicola Lorito

Board of Auditors

The Board of Auditors, comprising 3 members, supervises the Foundation's accounting administration. It lasts for five financial years and its members can be re-elected. In particular, the Board of Auditors itself:

(a) verifies the economic viability of the Foundation's administration;

(b) ensures compliance with the law;

(c) ensures that the accounts are kept in a regular manner and that the financial statements are in conformity with the results of the books and accounting records and carries out regular cash checks.

Dr. Roberto Ridolfi (President)
Dr. Francesco Rocco
Dr. Anna Maria Taccone