What is an IRCCS

The definition of IRCCS – Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare– has been given by Legislative Decree 288/2003 which indicates it as “Entities of national importance endowed with autonomy and legal personality that, according to standards of excellence, pursue research purposes, mainly translational, in the biomedical field and in that of the organization and management of health services, together with hospitalization and high specialty care services.

It is, therefore, a public or private health facility, which combines diagnosis, care and clinical research. These institutes, by virtue of their contribution to the country’s research, receive public funding.

The G.B. Bietti Foundation is recognized as IRCCS

The G.B. Bietti Foundation for Study and Research in Ophthalmology ONLUS, a non-profit organization established in 1984 and legally recognized by the President of the Italian Republic, has been officially recognized by the Ministry of Health as a Scientific Institute for the discipline of Ophthalmology at the British Hospital – Azienda Ospedaliera San Giovanni Addolorata by the ministerial decree of 15 February 2005 (Official Gazette No. 50 of 2 March 2005), confirmed by decree of 2 May 2011 signed by the Minister of Health Ferruccio Fazio in agreement with the President of the Lazio Region Renata Polverini (Official Gazette No. 120 of 25 May 2011), and further confirmed by decree of 3 December 2015 signed by the Minister of Health Beatrice Lorenzin (Official Gazette No.301 of 29.12.2015).

A recognition that was possible thanks to the documented clinical-scientific activity of excellence that led the G.B Bietti Foundation to be a reference point in the national and international scientific community.

The Quality System of the IRCCS G.B. Bietti Foundation complies with the UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 standard for the “Design and implementation of scientific research activities and related publications in the ophthalmological field, design and delivery of courses in the ECM field“.

Moreover, the IRCCS has been recognised as a European Centre of Excellence for Clinical Trials by (European Vision Institute Clinical Research Network) in Coimbra, Portugal.

G.B. Bietti IRCCS Foundation and translational research

IRCCS are structures in which the research carried out in the laboratory is transferred to clinical activity. We are talking about translational research. The research conducted by the IRCCS and, therefore, also by the G.B. Bietti Foundation is made available for daily clinical activity. It is, in other words, “transferred”, in particular to the assistance structures of the National Health Service, to respond to standards of excellence and to provide assistance services of “high specialty”..

Therefore, the underlying philosophy of translational research is that of the timely application of results for the benefit of patients.

The role of IRCCS in the Regional Health Plan

The Regional Health Plan 2010-2012 specifies that IRCCS are called upon to play an important role in the development of the Regional Health Service at different levels:

  • continuous training for the staff of the Regional Health Service providing ECM courses aimed both at training on new introductory interventions, and on the methodology of evaluation of interventions and health research;
  • evaluation of new technologies, new preventive interventions and new organisational models;
  • development of research on methodological and organizational aspects with a high level of transferability to other structures of the Regional Health Service with the construction of research networks at regional level integrated with national and international ones;
  • support for Regional Health Service activities that require high specialization with the possibility of carrying out technical support function and/or reference center for surveillance and control activities;
  • function as a reference centre in the context of regional programming in “hub and spoke” network systems.

The IRCCS Foundation G.B. Bietti is assigned by the Lazio Region the code 913 as a company and the code 120913 as an institute (Prot.. no. 1151314 A/012123 of 27/09/2005)..