The mission of the G.B. Bietti Foundation

As IRCCS – Scientific Institute for Research, Hospitalization and Healthcare, the G.B. Bietti Foundation for the Study and Research in Ophthalmology ONLUS has as its mission the progress of scientific research in the ophthalmological field and the improvement of care thanks to the transfer of this research in the clinical field.

As specified by the Statute, the G.B. Bietti Foundation promotes research, study, documentation and experimentation in the field of medicine, with particular regard to prevention, early diagnosis and rehabilitation in ophthalmology.

The objectives of the G.B. Bietti Foundation

The main objectives of the G.B. Bietti Foundations are reaching new goals in scientific research, providing top-level care and ensuring that even the most disadvantaged people can access the best available care in ophthalmology.

Objectives that are carried out in an organized and harmonious way, alongside scientific experimentation, clinical care excellence with the enhancement of the clinical care part and social sensitivity.

The impact of the IRCCS G.B. Bietti Foundation on the horizon of ophthalmology is developed through:

  1. Feasibility, reliability and effectiveness studies of the different moments of prevention;
  2. Pathophysiological and clinical studies aimed at deepening the knowledge of the mechanisms of disease, the development of early detection methods and the control of the therapeutic act;
  3. Studies aimed at converting scientific knowledge into biomedical technology;
  4. Studies, both theoretical and empirical, on the organization and administration of medical and health activity, both hospital and non-hospital, with regard also to the planning of structures;
  5. Studies, both theoretical and empirical, and research on the economics of health activities with particular reference to the criteria of economic and social efficiency;
  6. Studies and implementation of methodologies that allow operators at different levels to acquire the preparation required by the developments of the activities referred to in the previous points;
  7. Establishment, equipment and management of centres for the conservation, collection and distribution of organs, tissues part of organs and ophthalmic tissues for implantation and transplantation purposes;
  8. Establishment, provision and management of diagnosis, care and training centres in the field of ophthalmology;
  9. Drafting of agreements with public and private bodies, collecting and organizing energies and means in order to achieve points 7 and 8;
  10. Promotion, research, care, study and documentation activities for the implementation of health services in other countries, with particular regard to middle and low-income countries;
  11. Studies and debates also at international level as well as publications related to the purposes of the Foundation.