Grant Office

The activity of the Grant Office of the Bietti Foundation

The Grant Office is the office that seeks funds to support scientific research. This implies the search for calls for tenders promoted by public and private institutions. Once identified, the Grant Office assists researchers in submitting the application.

The research field of the IRCCS Foundation G.B. Bietti is Ophthalmology: a discipline for which it is difficult to create special and dedicated calls for bids. The work of the Bietti Grant Office therefore also involves knowing in detail the field of research of doctors and researchers to be able to identify dedicated calls for bids to other disciplines in which ophthalmological research can also be developed. In addition, the Bietti Grant Office also monitors the progress of the projects, ensures compliance with deadlines and reports on the activity carried out, both from an economic and scientific point of view, together with the Administrative Director.

Reporting to the Ministry of Health

Another very important function of the Grant Office of the Bietti Foundation is the reporting to the Ministry of Health of the research activity. This reporting develops mainly on three parameters:

  1. Scientific articles published, in peer-reviewed journals and recognized impact factor;
  2. Ability to network with other research institutions in the conduct of multicenter trials;
  3. Ability to attract resources by awarding funding for research projects.

The head of the Grant Office of the IRCCS G.B. BIETTI Foundation is Dr. Giannini Daniela, PhD.