Organisational structure

The IRCCS Foundation G.B. Bietti has as its ultimate goal the promotion of research and health of citizens. To do this in the best way, the Foundation is structured within it with precision and punctuality, in order to make everyday activities clear and, consequently, effective. Through documents such as the Code of Ethics, the Internal Regulations, the Statute and many others, the Foundation has established the principles that supervise the daily activity not only of researchers and doctors but also of the guiding and administrative bodies.

We have great trust and respect for the authority and prestige of our professionals, for the loyalty and sense of responsibility of our employees. Transparency towards the outside is the mirror of this trust.
Here are the basic documents and the structure of the IRCCS

Statute and corporate bodies

The official document setting out the aims, objectives and status of the Foundation, including its internal organisation.

Code of

The general principles, the rules of conduct and the means of implementation: these are the three guidelines to which the Foundation recognizes positive ethical value.


The organizational structure of the Foundation, with the relative tasks, assignments and degrees of responsibility of the different professional figures.

The document that declines the values and the mission of the Statute in the individual professional roles within the Foundation.


The tool that allows to conduct a census, monitor and promote the achievement of the objectives set in terms of gender equality.